Earth & Mama is a sustainable project through which we seek to restore the relationship with our body and regain harmony with the Earth.

We wanted to create a line of comfortable underwear designed to celebrate feminine diversity, accompanying the body in its free movement. That is why the design of our garments has been a long and laborious process of improvement until we find the perfect result we were looking for.

Making each of the garments that you'll find in our store has involved a great effort, not only at the level of making but also planning. Ours is a local and responsible production itinerary, which implies that with the purchase of any of our products, you will be actively collaborating with an ecological, feminist, and ethical initiative.


Irene Rom√°n, the founder of La Tribu de Mami, Andalusian by birth and Catalan in adoption, is the person behind this project.

After several years of learning, reviewing, and improving the manufacturing processes, selection of suppliers and materials, she has come to achieve a memorable collection of t-shirts for women and children in her first brand. With a head full of ideas and experience behind her back, she conceived the lucid idea of creating an organic and ethical underwear brand that would restore freedom to the body for women.

In collaboration with a small group of suppliers, and together with his life partner and father of her two daughters, she embarked on the creation of Earth & Mama in 2020, a year hard to forget for everyone that has brought new challenges and illusions to this couple of dreamers.


All Earth & Mama garments have been made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCCGuarantee (Organic Cotton Colors) certified organic cotton.

Both seals ensure that all the processes necessary for the production of our textile are respectful with the Earth and the people involved in the cultivation, harvesting, and subsequent treatment of cotton.

We know that for being sustainable it's not enough just to set standards in the fabric's quality, that's why we have gone further by reviewing and studying the entire manufacturing process.

Absolutely everything, from our basic tops, high knickers to scrunchies is cut and sewn at a local workshop. Our soaps are handmade in Andalusia, using exclusively natural ingredients to achieve a high-quality, vegan formulation.

Additionally, all of our products are labeled with the same attention to detail. Recycled paper labels printed in Valencia using vegetable inks are the only packaging we include. Sustainable packaging is also the one that eliminates the superfluous.