First swim of the year

by Irene Roman Rubio on April 18, 2022

We spent our Easter Break traveling the Mediterranean coast in our old RV. From Barcelona to Valencia and go back. We didn't expect so much sun and warm weather in Tarragona on our way back home. We discovered a very tiny and hidden Cala and stayed there for some hours, enjoying the view, the breeze, and the cool water at the beach.

Our daughters played and enjoyed the waves. It felt so good to watch them running and laughing. We didn't bring our swimsuits, so we had to bathe in our Earth & Mama new garments. The girls wore their new tank tops and briefs. It looked so beautiful together as a set.

The tank tops are now available at the shop in sizes 2-3 years to 10-11y. They are ethically made in Barcelona with the best certified organic cotton. See more here.