A manifesto

by Irene Roman on January 18, 2022

Last year was a difficult year, a year full of beginnings and a lot of effort. 2021 was a year dedicated to setting goals and working hard to make the brand grow from scratch. We wanted to reach women who were looking for another way to dress their bodies, more friendly and sustainable.
This year will not be easy either. In addition to the usual challenges, we are immersed in one of the greatest crises of the modern era, and this fact will affect the way in which fabrics are produced, the demand for raw materials, and transport.
As we have always opted for local and fair trade, those drawbacks this crisis brings us will affect us with less impact. Or so we want to believe.

This is a manifesto full of hope and good expectations. Thank you to all of you who have supported this small business born in the middle of A crisis. Thanks to those who have trusted us and are supporting a more sustainable world by acting right from your home.
Without you, this project could not stand on its own.
Warmly, Irene.