A morning with Mercedes Jiménez - Earth & Mama Co.

A morning with Mercedes Jiménez

A morning with Mercedes Jiménez - Earth & Mama Co.

Hello Mercedes (@emelof), thank you for sharing a morning in Poblenou with us. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do?

Hello! We had a great time. I studied Design and Fine Arts. I work as a freelancer illustrating textiles right now, so I do not lose contact with fashion. At the same time, I have also been working in a technology company for 12 years.

We know that you love knitting and everything related to artisanal and quality wool. When did you start knitting? Which garment you have knitted you are most proud of?

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 20, although I really discovered the pleasure of knitting when I started using circular needles (Nordics know very well what they do!) It's fast, and you weave seamlessly. It's wonderful. The garment that I love the most is a jacket that I knitted for my daughter while I was still pregnant. It was the first garment with sleeves that I knitted with circular needles. It was so small and so cute with that tasty wool, just a delight.


It is also evident that you love tattoos. You have some of them that are beautiful and original. Do you have a favorite one?

Hahahaha! This is like asking which child you want the most. How complicated! I'm going to tell you two: the tattoo with my daughter's name and the portrait of my grandmother. Both are connected because they both share the same name.



Now that you've tried Earth & Mama Co.'s garments, What do you like most about the project? What garment and color do you recommend?

I'm in love with all the Earth & Mama Co. underwear collection. The design is perfect for anybody (I always find it very difficult to find bras that fit me well). It is so comfortable that, in summer, I usually sleep with the set or the bikers and the top. Now I'm crazy with the body because it looks beautiful under a shirt and a pair of vintage jeans. You can see that I can't choose just one garment, but I can tell you that my favorite color is Pine Green.



On our walk through Poblenou, we had a delicious coffee at Nomads. At home, what kind of coffee maker do you use to prepare your specialty coffee?

Oops, this is a topic that has me quite obsessed lately, because I discovered specialty coffee recently. At home, I use the V60. I think the coffee is very clean and the notes are very clearly appreciated, I enjoy it very much. During our visit to Frutas Selectas Poblenou, I bought an experimental process coffee that I thought was amazing.



We know that you also love buying vintage garments. It is also a sustainable way to consume fashion, right?

Sustainable and original! When you buy Vintage you know that it is something unique, with a story behind it, that possibly passes to another generation and will give that different point to what you wear, no matter how basic you like to dress. Imagine going with jeans and a white t-shirt, a vintage trench coat (like the one I tried on today at House of Rowdy), you already have a very special look, don't you think?

It's been a pleasure to hang out together. Thank you for your support, and come back whenever you want!

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